KY BIP Resources for Download

Helpful resources about the BIP program that you can download and print.

Handout for Judges

Brochure for the partners of BIP Clients

Emerge Responsible Fatherhood Program Manual


Important Links

Use the links below to let us know if someone is offering BIP services without certification, or if you have concerns about a certified BIP provider. You can also find the regulations that govern the BIP program.

Link:  Providers offering BIP services without certification

Link:  Complaint form for BIP Program

Link: BIP Regulations - 922 KAR 5:020

Link: Batterer Intervention Provider Annual Report



The forms below will allow you to apply to become a BIP provider in Kentucky.

Autonomous Application 

Associate Application 

Associate to Autonomous Request Form 

Supervision Agreement 

Renewal Form 

Complaint Form

Materials from BIP Certification Training

BIP Annual Report 2023